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#6 Third Reason You are of Infinite Worth: The mysterious power of consciousness to create reality.

If we consider the fact that each memory created by the ‘simple awareness’ expressed by all forms of life is composed of a myriad of differentiated single pieces of information, each of which can be conceived as an actualised collapsed possibility from free potentiality that allows the organism to discern differences within the perception of the world it creates, then we can understand how intensely powerful ‘life’ is in relation to unfolding and enfolding (inwardly mapping) a near infinite many possibilities in each and every moment simply by being alive and conscious. Right now, look around yourself at the environment that surrounds you. The outer environment is only known to you through the information you receive through your senses, which integrates meaningfully with your already existent store of memories. In each moment, the amount of differentiated possibilities you create, simply by ‘perceiving’, is infinitely comprehensive.

Quantum physics tells us that you literally create reality; that is, you collapse undetermined wave-functions into determined positions and states, simply by observing reality. You can think of a single undetermined wave function as a ‘potential possibility’ and a single collapsed wave-function as an ‘actualised possibility’. So, as you look around yourself right now, what you are essentially doing in the ever-present moment, underlying all the other ‘doings’ of your life, is bringing actuality into being from potentiality based on your ‘life presence’. In other words, you are creating the past (accumulating actualities as memory) out of the future (potentiality) in the present moment. The amount of individual wave-lengths (possibilities) you unfold as reality, and enfold as memory, based on your simple non-effortful consciousness / awareness, is mind-boggling. “The number of processes occurring simultaneously within the organisms and its physical surrounds is virtually infinite as are the amount of different ways these processes can be framed(Kępiński, 2001).

This simple but mind-blowing fact, that you unfold a near infinite many possibilities in every present moment, is a testament to how innately complex and perfect you are as an infinitely important ‘creator of possibility / reality’. It is clear then how you are an infinitely valuable body of information, created over eons of 'life experience', that houses and continually creates memories, which is essential for the ongoing creation of reality itself. This also implies that reality itself depends on your existence for the ongoing creation of itself, which is another way of framing your natural infinite worth.

The central point that creates your reality shaping perception, however, is consciousness; aka awareness. This is the singular point that your sense of self stems from. It is this point that observes your whole inner and outer perception, whilst simultaneously generating pure fresh unique possibilities, as the singular causal agent that creates the wavelength collapsing effect reality is known through. The implication here is that the essential point of identity that you are is ‘pure consciousness’ and this mysterious centre of your existence is the source of your reality creating nature and is a foundational reason you are infinitely important. It is this truth that can be observed and discovered during meditation. When you consciously notice that ultimately you are the perfect point of pure consciousness, your sense of identity undergoes a dramatic transformation, as ‘what’ you truly are is the immensely powerfully point of conscious silence that ushers in the next moment of reality.

Consciousness has proven to be a very tough nut for material scientists to crack. A big reason for this is because of the materialistic presuppositions scientists ‘perceive from’, which fundamentally separates the objective (observed reality) from the subjective (observer of reality) and renders the subject to be irrelevant in the process of the material scientist's quest for truth. However, the flip-sided perspective I’m presenting here puts consciousness at the centre of our enquiry towards truth, highlighting it as the observing presence that literally creates and transforms reality as an inseparable extension of its own ‘beingness’, motivated by the immaterial and unconditional love it has to create itself as ‘material reality’.

The nature of consciousness to be a ‘self-loving’ entity is obviously a very philosophical claim. However, when you really think about, we deeply value our consciousness in relation to the fact that consciousness is ‘life’. I’ve already made it clear how life fundamentally values itself and that this is driven by a deeper present need for reality itself to love itself through the creation of possibilities / information and, thus, has an infinite desire to ‘keep experience alive and growing’. However, another way to state this is to say that consciousness has an infinitely deep need to keep ‘experiencing’. This means that all life fundamentally values ‘consciousness’ (although not consciously in most cases), as it is consciousness that allows life to ‘be’ and we all know this. As soon as you see someone in your presence unexpectedly ‘lose consciousness’, you naturally, driven by the value of consciousness / life, spring into panic-stricken action to bring the individual back to a state of consciousness, as we associate this inanimate state, where there is no awareness of the ‘outer world’, with the loss of life.

I played a lot of Aussie Rules football as a child and young adult and anyone who is familiar with this game knows that a major risk of playing the game is accepting the possibility of being concussed, as it is a full-contact sport and opposition players can basically come at you from any direction. Through my many years of playing the game I got concussed about 4 times, which is quite normal for footy players. These are very unnerving experiences however. When you are ‘coming back’ from an impact-induced state of unconsciousness, you struggle to comprehend what just happened, while many other aspects of your consciousness layered throughout your body are still waking up, which feels very odd as it is your perception of self and the world which has temporarily been damaged and can take time to fully repair all homeostatic levels of itself. This period of time can be very confusing and scary, as you become aware of the fact that you’re still existing in ‘the unknown’, where normality, which comes with a grounded stable perception, is still blurrily out of reach. These moments are times that solidly reinforced my gratefulness and value towards simply ‘being conscious’ and thus, ‘being alive’.

In our globalised modern culture, we generally regard ‘consciousness’ as an attribute ‘more or less’ of being human, whilst most other creatures are not conscious. However, this is the result of our species group suffering from a logical ‘collective arrogance’, due to our superior state of consciousness and related abilities, as in fact all living organisms possess 'pure consciousness'. The evolved state of consciousness we humans embody is not only aware of the outer world through our senses like all other organisms, but we are also aware that the consciousness we express originates from a body which also features a conscious mind capable of self-reflection. This means we humans possess a hyper state of self-consciousness, which can be thought of as the tip of an iceberg, where the submerged ancient mass of the true body of consciousness you ‘are’ is largely ignored by the modern human. The tip is inseparably connected to the submerged body as a single totality and represents the whole ‘mind of life’ in its most complex evolved form. If we observe other creatures, we notice that, although they might not be conscious of themselves (although many are to various degrees), they are no doubt conscious of the external field of unfolding possibility around them, as they, of course, must interact reciprocally with the world around them guided by the value ‘to keep experience alive and evolving’.

So, pure consciousness is clearly a core feature of all expressions of life, which seems to be the prerequisite presence that allows embodied life to generate a perception of the experienced universe and accumulate memory to map and build minds that constantly evolve and expand into increasingly complex embodied possibility of homeostatic order into the future. This highlights the ever-present need to stop and notice the natural power of your own consciousness, as the most mysterious aspect of reality we are aware of, to simultaneously unfold chaotic potentials of the external universe, transforming them into orderly enfolded actualities of the internal universe (memory), whilst utilising such memory to assist in the construction and comprehension of the next present moment.

Your lively consciousness is an aspect of your ‘being’ that is not personal at all, as, in its pure form, which we will investigate through meditation, is at least as old as life itself. It belongs to and is inseparable to the whole structure of the ‘collective unconsciousness’, as Carl Jung would put it, that underpins and connects all life as a whole. Although, in the context of this discussion I would label the ‘collective unconsciousness’ as the ‘collective pure consciousness’. Therefore, consciousness is clearly far more powerful and mysterious than we think and, from my observation and research, ongoingly creates greater complex embodied versions of itself that are capable of creating continuously evolving perceptions of the world driven by the desire of the pure unconditional love it has towards itself as a creator of life and reality. This means you and the experience you generate is infinitely important to the whole structure of consciousness, which connects all life as one perfect expression of possibility.


- Kępiński, A 2001, Melancholia, Krakow: Literary Press

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