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#7 The fourth reason you are of infinite worth

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

You possess a unique form potential that only you can unfold unto this world.

Upon conception, you were created as a unique sequence of DNA. This original configuration of information you represent is the result of a vast journey life has taken to get to the point of your own creation. As we have already discussed, you embody the whole enfolded memory of this specific differentiated journey and it now resides in you, as you, in the form of memory-based potential. This renders you to be important and special in a way that is completely original. You have certain gifts, insights, abilities and competencies that only you can express and present to the world. Throughout the universe, there is no individual the same as you, meaning you create a completely original experience of self and the world, that renders you and your experience to be uniquely important to reality itself.

We don’t give enough attention to the fact the we are creatures of potentiality just as much as we are of actuality. The memory we possess is the accumulation of actualised possibilities (collapsed potential), however each new actualised possibility gives rise to a new opportunity for that memory to be utilised in different future situations. Therefore, as we experience and actualise possibilities, we are simultaneously building our potentiality to unfold new surprising possibilities in the future. We are essentially agents of Time, which is a fundamental universal dimension of reality that generates itself through an eternal passage that builds as actuality (the past), as it continuously collapses potentiality (the future) into ‘being’ in the present moment.

On the most fundamental level of your identity as ‘pure consciousness’, you are always doing Time’s bidding, as you are the point that creatively transforms reality from potentiality to actuality. Therefore, your potentiality is a deeply important aspect of the your identity, as it runs down to the infinite depths of that which you are as a ‘memory of reality’. The ancient potentiality you are a store of also acts as the energetic presence that is always trying to propel you towards the fulfillment of itself, in a way that allows you to discover the best expression that oneself can be that improves life experience for the most possible.

Your emotions, along with knowing your infinite worth, also are completely aware of your innate potentiality. That is, your emotions are shaped to know when you are hitting the mark in terms of unfolding the true upper limits of what you can be, as they will certainly signal their approval upon such expression. Of course, this means your emotions also recognise when your potentiality is being wasted. I believe this is another source of excessive suffering modern humans are currently facing. When we make too many choices that are heavily influenced by fulfilling ego-based pleasures, whilst ignoring selfless choices that are harder to make but benefit self and others in the long-run, our emotions will begin signalling this imbalance between selfish and selfless expressions of oneself.

Such signalling is unmistakable in its felt truth, as this emotional communication comes from the deeper level within our ‘being’, where ‘selfless life values’ exist. Our selfish values, although in ways are just as important than selfless values, are nested within our selfless values. Therefore, if we lead a life where we aim to satisfy the deep selfless desires of our inherited value system of ‘life’, we will live a life where sacrifice for others is central in how we view ourselves and emotional well-being will be a constant presence in one’s life journey. In other words, the fulfillment of one’s potential is being met, creating a situations where ‘life itself’ is improved for as many as possible, resulting in the expression of your ‘best self’.

When one is walking this the path of unfolding their true unique potential, transforming the world around them in the best possible ways, the knowing of one’s and other's infinite importance is strong and ever-present. Of course, if we exist in the delusional belief of finite worth towards oneself and others, we can be easily misguided towards selfish pleasure seeking to mitigate the deeper feeling of disapproval our ‘selfless’ life values inevitably express. This can create a negative feedback loop, where the more we ignore our callings towards selfless sacrificial acts for the greater structure of life around us, the more we experience deep disapproval within us, the more we seek superficial egocentric pleasure / excitement activities that help us ignore the deeper negative emotional communication present and so on and so forth. Our emotions love us infinitely, which means we are already loved internally for what we already are but also for what we could be. To infinitely value oneself is to take the same approach towards oneself as our emotions do, which helps align ‘head and heart’, essentially for unfolding potentiality that reflects your true nature.

A common mistake people make in this day and age, in relation to being misguided in unfolding their unique expression of potential, is the tendency to follow others too much. The ‘following phenomena’ is even more of a problem now more than ever because of social media’s reach and influence in communicating values and suggesting how one should live their life. There is nothing wrong with following others that share values you hold. However, this needs to be balanced, just like everything in life, with the act of being your own leader. When you are unfolding your true potential and expressing yourself authentically, you're essentially being your own leader. We are all made to be leaders in some respect, especially in relation to ourselves, even if you are the only one following yourself. If you are always following others and always seeking outwardly for guidance, whilst ignoring inner-communication urging you towards your uniqueness, you will identify with being someone who is not aligned with your authentic self, which will generate an inner-disconnect between what you could potentially be and the limited version of what you currently believe yourself to be.

Your true potentiality is directly related to your true purpose, which is essentially only something you can discover through leading yourself towards the truth of ‘what’ and ‘who’ you are. This is the hard road, not the easy road. However, although the road doesn’t necessarily get smoother the further you tread, the individual becomes more competent in being a true expression of oneself. To begin walking this difficult yet immensely rewarding purposeful path, tough choices need to made that turn your attention towards the ‘unknown’, which requires the ‘risk taker’ within you to take centre stage. In fact, it could be said that making these types of life altering choices is the hardest part of discovering your best, as such choices generally challenge the ideas we hold towards ourselves, as we find security in such seemingly fixed aspects of our identity. However, it could be one of these beliefs, securely anchored in an incorrect assumption we have about ourself, that acts as a barrier towards the unfoldment of true potential, which simultaneously has a curable emotional effect, as the deep signalling of negativity associated with not being a true expression of oneself dissipates.

Identifying as an individual who faces the ‘inner and outer’ unknown courageously allows for the maturity of a perception that can better discern opportunities to further discover deeper and deeper levels of potentiality stored within. As your competence to act as a sacrificially minded strong worthy individual grows so does the bandwidth of perceived possibilities that arise in your unique experience, continuously encouraging you to act this in this manner. This gives us another reason why organising society based on ‘individual sovereignty’ is integral to individual and communal health, as individuals must have the freedom to pursue the unique opportunities, they exclusively perceive in order to fulfill their yet realised potential. A society that discourages such freedom of opportunity is a sick society indeed, as the emotional suffering on a collective-level leads to oppression and domination of individuals over other individuals.

Allowing individuals the freedom to generate and utilise their unique competency skill / knowledge sets to provide for themselves, families and the broader community allows societies to reciprocate and flourish, as, essentially, the unique importance of individual potential sits atop of such a societies’ value system. Therefore, your perfect store of individualised potential is another self-evident undeniable reason you are infinitely important and of immeasurable worth to yourself and the greater structure of life.

These five arguments make it clear that our infinite worth as individuals is of zero variation between one another as, the fact that we’re all carriers of the past as the present creators of the future, means we are all universally significant in the same way. This highlights the sameness we all share, as the only word that remotely describes this unspeakable worth is that it is ‘infinite’. This gives us a foundation to understand ourselves as the embodiment of 3.9 billion years of biological knowledge that is alive within our ‘being’ as pure memory. This memory is represented by our emotions, which I refer to as ‘wisdom’ because it is the knowledge that life itself has been passing onto itself through endless cycles of life and death, ensuring the evolution and expansion of 'embodied experience' into the future. These self-evident indicators of your undying worth also point to the meta-intentions behind our practice of meditation, which will be discussed in the next blog.

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