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#8 The Meta-Intention of Infinite Worth Meditation

Intentions are behind every action and movement of life. They are directly connected to values that lie deeper within the embodied being who is driven by particular intentions. All life flows within the channels of intention and these channels of life movement are a reflection of the underlying biological values that supply purpose and meaning to all expressions of life. The need to preserve one’s own life and that of the group one is a part, in order to ensure life-experience continually expands indefinitely into the future, provides the central drive behind all of ‘life’s action’, allowing every unique life body to be completely consumed with intentions that aim to fulfill these dualistic yet complimentary core life values. This assumes that most of the intentions that ‘life itself’ embodies are unconscious, as most creatures lack the consciousness of themselves as a ‘separate individual’ who is generating experience from a body and mind.

If you reflect on the existence of your own body, it is easy to notice how your body is a machine of perfectly ordered complexity which operates in a seemingly impossibly harmonious and cooperative way in order to achieve an unfathomable degree of inner unified equilibrium. All the billions of implicit processes and calculations your body is conducting in every present moment are powered by the intention to fulfill the value of ‘maintaining the experience of perception’. If you simply observe creatures in the wild while understanding that their actions are being controlled emotionally by the desire / need life has for the continuation and evolving expansion of itself to unfold maximum experienced possibility, we can see that every action is of meaning, purpose and importance. The innate inner-structure of values and, therefore, intentions allows individuated life forms the ‘inner-shape’ to naturally make decisions and choices that completely align and ‘fit’ with these ‘life values’. So, even though most creatures do not think to themselves and make conscious choices before acting on them, their inner-values provide a perfect emotional structure of purpose, drive and intent, forcing the individual towards homeostatic achievement of such values. Thus, there is no experience of life without the inner-presence of motivation to live and, therefore, act with intent.

We humans are constantly forming ‘conscious’ intentions, which shape the formation and presentation of our thoughts. This is another way of saying we humans are in a constant process of setting goals and acting in accordance with their achievement. As soon as we wake up for a new day we sub-consciously and consciously begin generating thoughts that relate to how we predict the day may unfold based on what we intend to achieve that day. Every time you use your imagination to create an assumption as to how you intend future moments to play out, you construct an internal map of expectations (goal formation). These expectations are a direct reflection of your intentions and become very emotionally ‘real’, as we all know the feeling when our internal expectations do not align with external reality. This is because all emotions are an expression of achieving or failing to achieve embodied values.

So, we can see how values, intentions, expectations and emotional experiences are all intertwined as ‘life experience’. When I say ‘life experience’, I am implying that these interrelated internal processes, that aid life movement forwards towards the fulfillment of values, underlie the creation of perception experienced by all forms of life. Because we humans are the most evolved self-conscious creatures on our planet, we have the conscious capacity to observe these aspects of one’s perception and notice that much of the ‘thought-content’ that we create stems from the presence of inner values and subsequent intentions, which ultimately all forms of life share. Our ability to think is simply a complex outgrowth of these silent perceptual processes that reciprocally operate with information that streams into our mind via the sense from the ‘outer’ world, which drives all life towards continual existence and evolved possibility.

This is all to say how fundamental intentions are to the shaping of our life experience. This highlights why it is so important to be clear with your intentions in life, as it allows one to be very conscious of the purpose and meaning that drives choice-making and subsequent behaviours. Essentially, being aware of your intentions gives you a strong position to cast your perception upon the world backed by a strong emotional drive, giving you a perceptive lens that is sensitive to purpose-aligned opportunities that give you a clear direction in which to move. Thus, such individuals are focused with a clear sense of discernment of the aspects of one’s experience that ‘shine forth’ and act to facilitate a pathway towards the satisfaction of one’s intention and which aspects can be viewed as irrelevant and distracting. So, whenever we consciously form intentions (goals) that aim towards the best life you can possibly create for self and others, you are constructing oneself in line with how your embodied memory of life has always been emotionally operating.

Fundamentally, pursuing the fulfilment of values is also how ‘life itself’ unfolds it's inherent potential, which makes it clear how very important it is in life to act with clear intention that align with the balance of selfish and selfless values all creatures must adhere to. The wisdom of your emotions are very aware of when you don’t fulfill your potential, which is another way of reiterating what was mentioned before, that your emotions will communicate negatively when one doesn’t satisfy intentions that align with the best of yourself. Therefore, setting intentions consciously that align with your infinite worth, emotionally sets one up to walk on a path to unfold one’s true potential, guided essentially by the emotional communication from one’s centre that alerts the individual when choices and subsequent action align with such noble intentions and when they simply don’t.

By making our intentions consciously clear before setting out to fulfill certain aspirations, we are operating in line with the assurance of knowing exactly ‘why’ we are moving in certain directions, as opposed to just knowing ‘how’. The knowledge of ‘why’ directly gives us the will required to persist towards the clearly defined goal, even when we are unsure of the many ‘hows’ we inevitably come across on our way towards goal satisfaction. The ‘why drive’ sets you up courageously to voluntarily face fears and to act sacrificially, especially when the goal has a nice balance between serving as many other individuals as possible, as well as yourself.

Therefore, before diving into the practice of meditation (how) we must be specific with our intentions, which adds layers of meaning and purpose to our meditative experiences and will help individuals maximise their inherent potentiality and get the most out of what the ancient practice of meditation offers. Meditative intentions give us a perceptual structure of boundaries to work within, which aids the directionality of our experience, nested within a motivational background that constantly provides ‘reason’ for pursuing such a direction. The ultimate goal of all meditation generally is ‘to know Self’. This is the underlying goal all meditation is based on, regardless of how aware the individual is of this ancient intention or not. In previous blogs I have talked about the need to heal the disconnect between the infinite individual at your centre (Self), the same ‘being’ at the centre of us all, and the personal individual you uniquely are (self), which is another way of describing this ancient meditative intention; to know Self. Following is the fundamental meta-intention behind all practices involved with Infinite Worth Meditation.

Meta-intention of Infinite Worth Meditation: To establish and develop a relationship, based on open attentive love / value, with the presence of ancient memory-based wisdom you are a vast accumulation of. We will refer to this ‘impersonal’ deep expansive foundation of your identity, the Self (with a capital ‘S’) or ‘pure consciousness’, which underlies the personal unique ‘self’ you identify with on a personal level. The intended results will emerge in the form of a continually increasing sense of purpose and meaning in one’s life, experientially realising the truth of your own infinite worth, developing Self-knowledge in relation to the essential meanings behind the emotional communication received from the centre of your being and unfolding the true potential that is unique to yourself as an original expression of possibility. Thus, we are trying to align our conscious identity with that of the fundamental Self. This ‘true identity’ one begins to wake up to is the quality inside us all that has the power to collapse false beliefs in being a fundamentally separate finite individual of limited worth and importance, dissolving such delusions into the underlying truth of your infinite worth.

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