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An Introduction to Infinite Worth Meditation

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

You are of infinite worth and boundless potential. This is the foundational truth that resides in us all that the practice of meditation is able to experientially wake one up to. I simply desire for others to consciously know and embody this fundamental truth. Such an emotionally deep realisation is completely life changing. Meditation gives the opportunity to experience ‘pure consciousness’. In this hyper-attentive state of observing the entirety of your experience, it is noticed that our personalised identity is constructed of many false thoughts and beliefs of limited materialistic worth towards self and others, which is the cause of much unnecessary human suffering. When we accurately view oneself and, therefore, all selves as expressions of our natural innate infinite worth, the perception of life becomes much clearer. This fundamental truth of reality is what drove the creation of Infinite Worth Meditation.

My name is Sam Breslauer and I am a father, husband, meditation teacher, primary school teacher, personal support worker, writer and independent researcher. I have developed a unique meditation practice with the creation of a meditation technique, based on age-old principles, called ‘conscious discernment’. The meditation I teach is essentially focused on aligning the conscious ‘personal’ mind with the wisdom of your ancient emotions. Your emotions have always known of your infinite worth, although the conscious mind must voluntarily and humbly fall silent in order to open up towards this wisdom you already possess. This silent perception of being the purely conscious observer of your whole self-generated experience, is what we develop during meditation. Once we know ourselves as the centred stillness behind the constant movement of our thoughts and actions of life, we can deepen and expand our identity towards the innate perfection of our worth and hear the whispers of Self-wisdom that are constantly emanating from our inner-nature via emotional communication.

This blog is the integration of experiential, philosophical and scientific knowledge in relation to the very real connection we, seemingly mortal limited physical beings, have with the infinite beingness that resides at our centre. This information has been organised to be communicated to others primarily through this blog. Each blog is supported by a video which gives an overview of the blog's contents that can be accessed through either a link at the bottom of each blog or on the page dedicated to these video blogs found on this website. I find many meditation programs lack a solid understanding as to ‘why’ meditation is so beneficial and life-transforming. We hear a lot about ‘how’ to do it and the positive effects of the practice, but there is little information ‘why' paying attention to the present moment and being the non-judgmental silent ‘observer’ of your thoughts is so spiritually, psychologically and physically enlightening. The teachings of ‘Infinite Worth Meditation’ builds the reader's knowledge of the underlying perceptual mechanics at play when meditating, which allows us to develop a deep understanding of how consciousness, values, emotions and attention cooperate to create this infinitely complex ever-unfolding perception of life. However, we also discuss philosophy and science to answer 'why' meditation can give us direct access to the truths behind our unlimited value as embodied agents of consciousness and we also delve deeply into mysterious nature of consciousness and its reality transforming power. To experientially explore the reality of these teachings, a series of guided meditation posts and videos will be created alongside the development of this blog, which are also posted on a separate page of this website. The implications that flow from such investigations are presented via 'lifestyle focused' blog posts (family, leisure, fitness, social, career etc), which help guide the reader to lead a life that aligns with the philosophy of 'Infinite Worth Meditation'. This blog is guided by a manuscript that I finished writing about 6 months ago called 'Awakening to the Truth of Your Infinite Worth and Boundless Potential: A Meditative and Lifestyle Guide'. Instead of immediately approaching publishers, I decided to use this piece of work as the inspiration and underlying structure for the blogs and videos this website is constructed of. In due time I hope to create the opportunity to allow this manuscript to be published as a book.

This body of knowledge I present is for anyone who feels there must be more to themselves and this life, anyone struggling with mental health issues and nihilistic beliefs, anyone who questions their worth and suffers from constant negative thoughts about oneself, anyone who is curious to uncover layers of their identity not yet discovered, anyone who seeks inner-peace and emotional wholeness, anyone who wants to lead their most purposeful and meaningful life possible and fulfill their true potential and anyone who’s interested in exploring meditation but is not sure where to start. However, 'Infinite Worth Meditation' is ideal for experienced meditators also, as these teachings and practices build on ancient approaches towards inwardly exploring the infinite Self that our ego-based personal self is nested within. Such explorations uncover the source of our identity as pure unconditional love that is always perfectly whole with itself. Knowing oneself as this primordial source of self-generative universal love is key to unleashing your true unique potential upon the world. Therefore, a central axiom that upholds the meditation I teach is that we are embarking on a journey of remembrance. When we pay attention, with gratitude and deeply abiding respect, to the infinite complexity of our perception and ancient biological body of 'knowing and experience' our presence self-evidently represents, we voluntarily begin the process of waking up the deep memory of our past that spans way beyond our personal life experience. Essentially this is an identity evolving / transforming process of stimulating layers of potential that lay dormant waiting for the realisation of one's true nature and worth in order to embody and actualise in this new fresh present moment. Many spiritual seekers are driven by this urge to 'know Self', which 'Infinite Worth Meditation' can accelerate individuals towards.

Another focus I have is educating people on the non-dual nature of consciousness through meditative / experiential means, philosophy and the science that points to the evidence that we live in a universe that unfolds from a point of infinite Self-loving / generating consciousness (ie ‘consciousness only’ models of the universe / reality). I have published 4 extensive articles in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research (found on this website) that outlines underlying connections between infinite nothingness, pure consciousness, quantum physics, classical physics, biology, emotions and perception, in an effort to marry metaphysical value-based presuppositions of reality with the observed facts of our physical reality, that can be found on a separate page of this website. Although these papers go very deep and are quite complex in their reading, some individuals may like explore these philosophical / theoretical papers and related papers that I reference, as such an understanding also helps individuals delve to deeper into the truth of their infinite importance / relevance as a creator of the fabric of reality, further leading to the manifestation of one’s upmost potential.

My intention is to simply 'give' all the knowledge and experience I can to help others realise that the truth behind their existence is far more amazing and perfect than could ever be expected by the limited finite individual you assume to be. This knowledge of one's own infinite worth needs not to be reached for, as you are fundamentally metaphysically and physically 'made' of this unspeakable value life has for itself and, therefore, has always been immediately accessible in this present moment.

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